A Refurbished Website and Public Content Posting Scheme (WIP)

Original Draft Date: 2022-08-20
Original Publish Date: 2022-08-20
Last Update Date: 2022-08-20

From this moment on, my ink will only be written on things that's worthwhile - arts and creations, and on things that's out of necessity: communication.

Posting on social media is dangerous and harmful. It hurts not just the yongsters through comparing and peer pressure, but also hurts the authors because of all the delicate feelings - even Tom Holland quits social media due to mental health concerns. I will not argue how bad social media might have been, but in this post I will briefly share from a technical point of view how I ended up with building the website as you see now.

The direct inpsiration for all of this, ironically, is an instant inspirational

Development History of Personal Websites



Adobe Portfolio

Templated Charles Zhang totalimagine.com

Redream subsite - tiddly wiki.

Diverse sources: WeChat, Instgram, Pininterest, Steam portfolio and Artstation.

Actual Demands

Some basic demands

The Final Iteration (So-far)

New simple single-ended Github static pages.

Building Process

Raw data

Front-end design

Some Ground Rules

  1. Articles are dated and updated; So there is minimal noise.