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Why are you surprised and are you still training with backpropagation?


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Original Draft Date: Ca. 2020
Original Publish Date: 2022-12-10
Last Update Date: 2022-12-10
Tags: Knowledge Management, Technical
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  1. The link shows an exposition of the old methodology.
  2. Starting 2022 NOv, we are moving towards a more centralized, organized, review-based, self-contained documentalized approach to note management.

Non-linearity is a Trap

I had a friend, she takes notes with Notability on iPad since high school. All subject matters are catagorized by courses and topics. Each document is like a PDF, with many pages of notes pertaining to the subject. Every day she would spend some time moving notes around to keep them in good order - sometimes during the day she might need to take notes at a temporary location, but such notes will always get migrated to the proper place by the end of the day.

Why it never occured to me we should organize our notes in such a strictly categorized manner? Long time ago our local disk files was indeed in this format, but then later due to file path issues we stopped doing this. And we kept in the trap of non-linear note-taking solutions like Tiddly and KMD, when single-document self-contained note format has always been the right solution.