Charles Zhang

Cool Markdown

Original Draft: 2023-10-04
Publication: N/A
Source: Github

This demo serves as an “attraction” to persuade people they should use Markdown instead of Microsoft Doc for note taking. It’s rendered using Github Pages (Jekyll) with Mermaid for Markdown. The additional support for Javascript (mostly for Neko) is optional and only for fun.

It uses a few notable features:

  1. Github flavoured markdown
  2. Mermaid diagrams
  3. SVG (for animation and shapes)
  4. Some HTML and CSS for additional styling
  5. Use LaTex for equation rendering


Why You Should Use Markdown

  1. It supports bold, italic, bold italic, and strikethrough.
  2. You can edit it in Visual Studio Code, with syntax highlight.
  3. You can draw diagrams using mermaid.
  4. You can use pandoc to output Markdown to various formats (or just use VS Code): HTML, Doc, PDF.
  5. You can write LaTeX formulas: $E=mc^2$.
  6. You can have tables and use emojis👍 and insert images.
  7. Easy to parse, fully programmable.
Markdown Word Doc Text
Light weight Binary Light Weight
Plain Text + HTML, CSS, SVG XML and Indecipherable Plain Text
    title Efficiency and Scalability Comparison
    x-axis Low Efficiency --> High Efficiency
    y-axis Low Scalability --> High Scalability
    quadrant-1 Least Usable
    quadrant-2 Ease to use
    quadrant-3 Hard to Use
    quadrant-4 Most Usable
    Markdown: [0.9, 0.9]
    Plain Text: [0.35, 0.23]
    HTML: [0.1, 0.65]
    Word Document: [0.55, 0.55]
    PowerPoint: [0.75, 0.34]
    Notion: [0.85, 0.62]